5 interview apps for remote working

Interview platforms are valuable at the best of times but more so now than ever, following the governmental advice encouraging people to work from home wherever they can.

Holding video-interviews, sending messages and sharing files are the basics of what interview apps do and deciding on the best platform to use will be vital for companies all across the country, as we adapt to these new socially-distanced working arrangements.

With an abundance of platforms to choose from, check out our top interview app recommendations:

1. Odro

Odro can be used on any device without having to download software, sign up or log in. It was developed to support recruitment agencies to engage with more talent and reduce the time it takes to hire. Candidates are able to record solo interviews on their own time and agencies can send candidate videos to employers.

2. Spare Hire

Spark Hire is a video interviewing platform that balances simplicity with all the features you need to achieve your business goals. Offering real time videos, Spare Hire lets you interview candidates wherever they are in the world and record the content so that it can be referred back to. It can be integrated with your favourite apps to automate workflows and notifications.

3. myInterview

With interview technology that is mobile responsive,myInterview allows interviews to be completed anytime, anywhere. All videos are securely encoded and provide deep analysis of the interviews to help screen talent, structure questions and contact applicants.

4. Vidcruiter

Built on a fully customisable workflow engine, Vidcruiter prides itself on delivering the ultimate candidate experience. Vidcruiter enables you to interview more candidates and personalise your outreach as well as automating notifications to keep everyone in the loop and reduce the number of resources required. Vidcruiter claim that their video interviewing platform and digital structure interview methodology increases the predictive validity of your hires by 62%.

5. Sonru

Sonru is a trusted automated video interviewing platform used for screening candidates. It replicates a face-to-face interview and removes the everyday headaches associated with preliminary interviews as interviewers and candidates aren’t required to be online at the same time. Utilising tailored interview questions enables you to screen out candidates that do not meet the interview criteria.

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