Construction underway for $1.4b Eastern Busway

The first stages of the Eastern Busway construction project are now ongoing and East Auckland is one step closer to experiencing high-frequency bus travel.

The first stage of the five stage project will include construction of the busway along Lagoon Drive and Pakuranga Roads, the transformation of Panmure roundabout into a safer signalised intersection and the addition of shared cycling and walking paths. This process is estimated to run over a two year period. With the final stages of the development plan due for completion in 2026.

Mayor Phil Geoff believes the Eastern Busway is a game-changer as it will significantly reduce journey times, ease congestion and provide local residents with a reliable public transport system for better employment and leisure opportunities. All factors which AMETI took into consideration as part of report indicating the busway project will generate around $680 Million of additional GDP over a 40 year period.


Early 2019 – Panmure to Pakuranga construction starts

Early 2019 – 2020 – Construction of Panmure busway bridge

Early 2019 – 2021 – Construction of Panmure to Pakuranga busway section

2020 – 2022 – Construction of Reeves Road Flyover

2022 – 2025 – Construction of Pakuranga to Botany busway section including walking and cycling paths

2026 – Construction on Botany Station

Auckland transport and the public

Although many benefits there are those who have concerns regarding the major project including local councillor Sharon Stewart who met with residents to discuss concerns regarding travel times through the construction zone, however AT has ensured they will monitor their options to manage traffic as effectively as possible throughout the process.

Auckland Transport has also involved a number of local companies as part of an approach to ensure positive community results beyond transport factors, including youth training and employment.

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