How to attract and retain top female talent?

In this series X4 Construction are shining a spotlight on the future world of construction and engineering and the talent needed to create it.

In New Zealand about 50% of the population are women, but less than 3% of construction tradespeople are women. Whilst female participation is increasing, the sector is currently missing out on a massive pool of potential talent – this is something we are passionate about changing!

We asked a range of female candidates in the construction and engineering sectors – “What advice would you give to construction and engineering businesses who are struggling to attract and retain top female talent?”, check out what they said:

Quantity Surveyor

“The industry has a reputation for long days and gruelling hours. Women in the industry (especially mothers) need to be allowed to have flexibility, Work/life balance, and the opportunity to recoup after a draining day.

As a mother myself, the company I currently work with has realistic expectations of my work/life balance. They understand my need to be available for my children and they support me by giving me flexibility. Putting their trust in me and giving me flexibility in turn allows me to give 200% when working.”

Quantity Surveyor Team Leader

“Treat them the same as any other staff. Respect their differences but on the whole they are very capable of doing the same job as any men, in fact if you pay attention you will likely work out what areas they excel at. But then that is the same for everyone male or female.

Everyone brings something different to the table. Perhaps not many are seen as managers though I think some can do this really well, so perhaps businesses might need to consider this when developing or promoting people.”

Electrical and ESG Engineer

“For construction businesses who are trying to attract and retain top female talent, I recommend encouraging flexibility and family-friendly spaces. For me, being able to be there for my daughter at school drop off and pickup has been invaluable. Being able to spend quality time with her after school makes it feel like there is a balance between my work and family life.

Additionally, creating a space where it’s safe for women to learn and grow is important, especially for young women who are starting out in their career.”

Quantity Surveyor

“Welcome women into a team as valued and equal employees within your company and recognise that they play an important role within the industry and often bring another / different / alternative view to a table or project.”

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