Why is construction such a great industry for women?

In this series X4 Construction are shining a spotlight on the future world of construction and engineering and the talent needed to create it.

There has been some great strides in recent years to encourage female participation in the construction and engineering industry, with organisations such as NAWIC paving the way in encouraging female participation in New Zealand. Here at X4 Construction we’re passionate about being part of driving change in the sector!

We asked a range of female candidates in the construction and engineering sectors – “Why is construction such a great industry for women?”, check out what they said:

Quantity Surveyor

“The construction industry is a great industry for anyone. If you’re hard-working, keen on a challenge and enjoy a fast-paced career, I couldn’t recommend it more. No matter what sector of the industry you can always find like-minded people who encourage you to develop and grow your skills. Women can do anything, we are strong, hardworking, and capable of anything we put our minds to.”

Quantity Surveyor Team Leader

“Women add a good balance around men so I think help balance the dynamics within the construction company and with clients and subcontractors. It is a down to earth industry. I believe it is a career with a good potential for the ability to work part-time. The role does not change significantly over the years so I have found it easy to come back to after years off.”

Electrical and ESG Engineer

“Being part of the construction industry means bringing a woman’s perspective into it. Having a diverse range of people is so important when working in construction, to be able to solve problems and think creatively.”

Quantity Surveyor

“The construction industry is such a great place for women due to the diversity of opportunities available within the industry.  Being able to adapt, grow and develop your skills within the industry to open doors enabling you to achieve your goals without limitation, other than the ones you put on yourself.”

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